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Shrinking: Good, Controls: Bad.

A twist too far.

Some honest comments...

I enjoyed this and played it to the (rather disappointing) end. I found I could beat every level without losing an ounce of health just by getting two of the most expensive barricades and standing on them. Also, you could do with more zombie types. The mercenaries were useless & the barretta became useless for the last level where it took two hits to the head of the weakest zombies to kill them. In fact that is a major issue; don't upgrade the zombie's strength every level. Other than these points and general sketchiness of presentation (IE. 4 pages for explosives when there were only two available to buy?) it was a good effort.

Good game...

Although very easy, at no point did I feel challenged, but however this lead to my finishing the game, which is a rare occurence in itself on here!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Cool, glad you got to finnish the game, saddened that my skills with making combat are still not on par. I'm trying! Hopefully next time I will improve :)

Good work in progress!

I did, however, find a glitch. After firing myself from the cannon towards the left a spider enemy sorta doubled up, and when i jumped on it one went flat and the other died as normal. The squashed one just stayed there and didn't respond.

Nice one!

Good work here, but I wanna be able to jump!!! Maybe in the next edition this will be available? I'd also like to see more scope for combination attacks with the punches and kicks. Regardless of these minor gameplay snaggles this is a front-page worthy piece of flash work, congrats! Keep it coming!


No replay value whatsoever. Could you clarify for me what the point of jumping is other than allowing for the dodgy animation? AWFUL UN-TURN-OFF-ABLE SOUNDS/MUSIC!! Sometimes less is more, and when it works it can make a really good game, but this was too simple and poorly thought-out. Try harder next time. (Front Page WTF Tom!?)


Peanut *is* a noun. Poor effort.

KWarp responds:

"peanut butter" is a type of butter. "peanut" describes "butter". It must be an adjective.


I was really enjoying this game, until a bug caused me to revert to the original weapons' strength and r.o.f, whilst still throwing the same enemies at me; don't know how it happened! A good game nonetheless, look forward to a sequel?

Nice one!

To Peetalus - surely it's more childish to vote down a submission because you don't agree with it? I don't like Osama Bin Laden, but I wouldn't rate his beard length any less.

I found the difficulty curve to be about right (rare in most defence games), but the gameplay gets stale after a while.

Not a bad shot.

A bit generic in terms of space shooters.

I liked how you could collide with teh asteroids, maybe adding more physics to the game, for example making targets that only asteroids can destroy, and so having to bump into them?

Just a thought. Well thought out game, though. You get my 3.

Nemo responds:

I like your suggestions, but I really don't think I am going to update this any time soon. I'm glad you liked it though. Thanks for the review!

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