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It's so incredibly rare...

That anything on this site raises a smile in me nowadays - I've become so flash hardened - that when it does happen, as in the case of your movie I can't help but rate it as highly as possible; well done on a truly funny composition!!

It has to be worth something...

That this toon made me laugh. Not sure about the computerised voices, but perhaps that's just me; it's an edginess you don't quite need for this to work.

Keep it up, it's a wicked approach to flash slapstick. flashtick?


Is this American humour?

I don't really get it... Sure it's fairly random, but it's not as funny as everyone's making it out to be? Well presented, though. Surely there's still enough humour in the world not to have to resort to this... It's fairly dire from a comedic standpoint.

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Shrinking: Good, Controls: Bad.

A twist too far.

Some honest comments...

I enjoyed this and played it to the (rather disappointing) end. I found I could beat every level without losing an ounce of health just by getting two of the most expensive barricades and standing on them. Also, you could do with more zombie types. The mercenaries were useless & the barretta became useless for the last level where it took two hits to the head of the weakest zombies to kill them. In fact that is a major issue; don't upgrade the zombie's strength every level. Other than these points and general sketchiness of presentation (IE. 4 pages for explosives when there were only two available to buy?) it was a good effort.

Good game...

Although very easy, at no point did I feel challenged, but however this lead to my finishing the game, which is a rare occurence in itself on here!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Cool, glad you got to finnish the game, saddened that my skills with making combat are still not on par. I'm trying! Hopefully next time I will improve :)

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